Pink Gin 70cl

Pink Gin 70cl


(21 customer reviews)

Pink gin – Fabulous Pink Gin is a 40% Premium Pink strawberry Gin, that smacks strawberry laces to the nose and the palate.  Made with natural products.


Pink gin is a normal London dry gin, then the fruits are added to give the gin a wonderful fruity flavour and Georgous pink colour.

Gin is now a much loved spirit in many countries and the serving in the copa glass originates from Spain.
Pink gin is booming in the market right now and gin enthusiasts can’t stop talking about it.

For people who don’t like the old fashioned London dry served with tonic, the pink flavoured gins have tempted them to try something new.

Fabulous pink gin has been created by the ladies who created the Absolutely Fabulous Gin Festivals.

After years of experience of what Gins people like they wanted to create a pink gin with the taste of a premium gin that smells of strawberries, tastes of strawberry laces and refreshing on the palette. This gin has been made with natural products to create these tantalising flavours. It’s 40 % premium gin that leaves you wanting more!

We have a variety of fabulous pink gin gifts to temp you with. Maybe a gin gift for a friend, or a treat for yourself. Pink gin miniatures is an introduction to this fabulous pink gin or to share with friends.

Perfect for pink gin lovers.

Perfect serve of Fabulous Pink Gin
Fabulous pink gin copa glass filled with ice
25 cl measure of Fabulous Pink Gin
Fever – tree lemonade or Fever – tree Mediterrean tonic.
Garnish with strawberries

Order your Fabulous Pink Gin today. Drink gin be Fabulous!

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21 reviews for Pink Gin 70cl

  1. Gaynor

    From being a Brandy Drinker after drinking Fabulous Pink Gin I am now a converted Gin Drinker!

    This is a lovely refreshing pink gin that tastes & smells of strawberries, and the loving the fact that its low in calories too!.

    Fabulous Pink Gin is a winner for me and would highly recommend.

  2. Andy

    Highly recommend one of the best gin’s av tasted .

    • fabulousgin

      Thanks Andy glad you liked it!

  3. Ellie

    1 word = AMAZING!

    • fabulousgin

      Glad you liked it thanks Ellie

  4. Emma Spruell

    I was introduced to this Gin a few months ago and I love it ! I love the taste and I love the fact it is made with natural products. I prefer mine with lemonade. If you haven’t tried it you really need to.

    • fabulousgin

      Thanks for the lovely review Emma, so pleased you like it.

  5. Judith Broadfoot

    Lovely refreshing Pink Gin I’m now a converted Gin drinker ????

    • fabulousgin

      So pleased you like Fabulous Pink Gin Judith, thanks for the review!

  6. Claire Morton

    This is my favourite gin by far. Beautiful and refreshing ????????

    • fabulousgin

      So pleased you liked Fabulous Pink Gin Claire! thank you for the review!

  7. Pat McGuire

    I Love Gin and I Love Fabulous Pink Gin! Highly recommend Fabulous Pink Gin! this one is on my regular gin shopping list!

    • fabulousgin

      so pleased you loved Fabulous Pink Gin Pat! thanks for the review

  8. Soohie

    Best gin I have ever tasted! 10/10

    • fabulousgin

      Thank you Sophie, so pleased you like it

  9. Emilie shoots

    Amazing strawberry flavour! One of my fave gins ❤

    • fabulousgin

      So pleased its one of your favourites! thanks for the review!

  10. Laura O

    My favourtie gin! Sweet, delicious and natural. Amazing!

    • fabulousgin

      Thanks for the review for Fabulous Pink Gin Laura, we are so pleased its one of your favourites!

  11. Stacey

    What can I say … I never got the fuss with Gin until I tried the Fabulous Pink Gin . It’s absolutely delicious , tastes like strawberry laces without being overly sweet and artificial tasting .
    Perfection in a glass ! Highly recommend

    • fabulousgin

      Thank you Stacey! Glad you love our Fabulous Pink Gin

  12. Karen Mckibbin

    I don’t usually like gin but this is something else, very refreshing. Wishing Gaynor and Lisa all this luck in the world xxx

    • fabulousgin

      Thank you for the lovely review Karen! and for your kind words xx

  13. Kim

    As a rum drinker I’m not one to try anything knew but after attending the gin festival this is definitely a changer , need to order another bottle soon xx

    • fabulousgin

      Thanks for your review Kim! so pleased you like Fabulous Pink Gin!

  14. Lesley Martin- Wright

    Just love this gin. Not only is it produced by a local company it’s natural, terrific taste and brilliant to blend with mixers.

    • fabulousgin

      Thanks for the Review Lesley, glad your loving Fabulous Pink Gin!

  15. Sue Metcalf

    Absolutely fabulous Gin, not full of sugar or artificial flavours.
    And the strawberry flavour is delicious!

    • fabulousgin

      Thanks for the review Sue, so pleased you love Fabulous Pink Gin!

  16. Marian

    Definitely my favourite gin to date , it truly is Absolutely Fabulous , so refreshing and light looks really enticing in the glass and not too sweet! Really lovely tipple ????????????????????

    • fabulousgin

      Thanks for the lovely review Mal, glad you have added our Fabulous Pink Gin to one of your favourites!

  17. Gary

    Tried a few different pink gins but I have to say the flavour in this one is so nice. The other thing I like about this gin is that the calorie count is very low so it makes drinking alcohol that little bit better for the belly !!! If you’ve not tried you really need to as you’ll see what I mean around the flavour

    • fabulousgin

      Thanks for the review Gary! so glad you love the flavour of the Pink Gin!

  18. Andrea

    Saying I’m not really a spirit drinker, I have tasted a couple of the sample bottles and they certainly triggered my taste buds ???? ???????????? quite moorish my daughters thought so too.

    Excellent customer service and lovely people, highly recommended ????

    Wishing you lots of luck ???? xx

    • fabulousgin

      Andrea, thank you for your lovely comments, so pleased you enjoyed pink gin miniatures.

      Maybe a converted Fabulous Pink Gin drinker now!! xx

  19. Alf

    Fantastic pink gin the best I have ever tasted Five stars Keep up the good work girls

    • fabulousgin

      Glad you love the Pink Gin Alf, thanks for the review.

  20. Annie D

    Hi being a gin drinker I have had the delight of tasting fabulous pink gin ; delicious and natural what more can a gal want ; good luck gaynor Lisa for being fabulous ???????? 5 star

    • fabulousgin

      thanks annie for your lovely review

  21. Steph

    Literally the only gin I enjoy ???? it’s alwas served with a smile too ????

    • fabulousgin

      Thank you for the lovely review!! so pleased you like the gin!

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