Fabulous Pink Gin – Pop Up Shop

Our Fabulous Pink Gin – Pop Up Shop is for us to be able to attend events, businesses, retails shops and give that something different or to attract new clients.

Business has changed over many years and lots of people struggle to try and keep up to date with latest trends etc due to social media and the way the world has changed.

Alot more businesses are now working in collaboration to create different types of events to attract new clients/customers and Gin is a big attraction as everybody loves Gin.

Fabulous Pink Gin - Pop Up Shop

Fabulous Pink Gin Ladies!

Our friendly team of ladies have over 12 years experience in Events and have been providing Gin Events for the passed four years through the Absolutely Fabulous Gin Festival and are at hand to give you any advice or guidance that you need.

We can provide a Fabulous Pink Gin – Pop up shop or provide welcome drinks or even a Fabulous Pink Gin tasting for:

  • open evenings
  • ladies evenings
  • product launches
  • attracting new clients for business
  • retail shops – attracting new clients to stores

We have provided Fabulous Pink Gin – Pop up shop for the following types of businesses;

  •  Office Space – welcome drinks
  • HSBC Bank – pop up shop
  • Bents Garden Centre – Ladies evening
  • Dobbies Garden Centre – Ladies evening
  • Southport Flower Show – Ladies day
  •  Car showrooms
  •  Vip Lounge at Virgin Media
  • Serviced Apartments
  •  and much more!

Businesses have pop up shops in their Premises also to enhance the experience for their staff, we can sell gin gifts all year round or even around special occasions including Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas and all other occasions as there are that many to celebrate these days!

Would you be interested in working with Fabulous Pink Gin?

Contact us for more details on our Fabulous Pink Gin – Pop up Shop

We look forward to working in collaboration with you!

Fabulous Pink Gin - Pop Up Shop